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added 15-th September 2006

First time dealing with your company. I am very pleased with the moldavite, and the azurite. Beautiful pieces. I was a little concerned doing business so far away, however I am very satisfied and will be back do do business with you again. Thank you, Claudia B Norfolk, Virginia USA

Claudia B Norfolk, Virginia USA

added 3-rd September 2006
The amount of professionalism displayed through the workings of David and is unreal and I have not found anything comparable since i started doing business with the company and David over a year ago. In this realtionship with the company and David I have aquired many exotic specimens, which I never would have been able to get my hands on other wise especially at the price. On top of it all David is conducting business perfectly from across the world to aquire minerals but also to retain a realtionship with his buyers. My realtionship with the company and David has given my business a name in the colorado area. I am lucky and fortunate to have David and as a resource. Sincerely, Ian Wamhoff The Tectonic Stepchild Boulder, CO 80305

Ian Wamhoff,Colorado,USA

added 20-th August 2006
Online Shopper Jul 11, 2006 Once again high quality, EXCELLENT SAMPLES. Very propmt delivery to Canada. Excellent website depiction of samples, I know that takes a lot of work to update. A pleasure during business with you David.

Online Shopper,Canada

added 19-th May 2006
Dear David, I just wanted to take the time to thank you for the beautiful Besednice drop, and the 33.1 gram Chlum disc! Both items arrived safely & in perfect condition. In answer to your letter, Yes I have a very large Moldavite collection(over 1,000 pieces!), and I systematiclly collect them. I have Moldavites from many different locales, including Vrabce, Slavce, Jankov, Chlum, and of course, Besednice. I have relatively few specimens from Jankov and Vrabce, so if you could keep me updated on any pieces from these areas, I would truly appreciate it!I am always looking for various interesting shapes, colours, and localities. I am particularly interested in what I refer to as the "poisonous green" color Moldavites if you have any in stock... I also collect many other unusual minerals, and crystal formations from around the world. I have an eye for the unusual, and rare aestheticaly beautiful specimens. You really have agreat site, in terms of selection, fair prices, and just all around beautiul items! I look forward to doing much business with you in the future, as, your store has quickly become one of my favorites! Please keep me posted on the arrival of any of the above mentioned Moldavite types, and thanks again for offering such great prices and selection! I will look forward to hearing from you soon... Sincerely, David

David T.,Manchester,USA

added 8-th May 2006
Hello, The specimens have arrived safely. I am satisfied with them. But I could not find their labels in the parcel. Didn't you enclose them with the parcel ? Sincerely, Hideyuki I.

Hideyuki I.,Japan

added 8-th May 2006
Hi David, parcel arrived, everything ok, thank you Daniele

Daniele R.,Italy

added 21-st April 2006
David, Received the package today (Thursday) With time to spare! Everything looks great! Very pleased! Thanks so much for getting it to us in time! Will place another order next week! Thanks- Amanda M.

Amanda M.,USA

added 10-th April 2006
Dear David this is to let you know that the native copper arrived to day. It is a very nice specimen; excellent packaging and very fast delivery! thanks I guess it comes from Itauz mine; for my records, could you please confirm me its exact origin and when it was mined (if you have the info). With best regards Jean-Francois

Jean-Francois C.,Université de Rennes,France

added 4-th April 2006
Hi David, Just received my order of Selenites,Apophyllite and Topaz.They all where in excellent condition.Selenites are of good color and shape.Thank you for your good service.Best regards,Jim

Jim B,Ireland

added 31-st March 2006
Hi David, The box arrived today with all specimens safe and sound. I wanted to thank you for packing so well and shipping so quickly! Also, your website is a pleasure to use - it's easy to find items with your great search functions and wonderful to be able to make a purchase directly rather than emailing back and forth and missing out on items because no one ever gets back to you. I will happily return to make many future purchases! Great job! Regards, Cynthia

Cynthia C.,Texas,USA

added 28-th March 2006
Dear David The specimens arrived yesterday morning. Many, many thanks for the extremely rapid turnaround, I shall keep a beady eye on your web site for others to purchase. As you have probably guessed, my interest in these minerals is not at all aesthetic but in their physical properties. I hope to be able to find some time to study the magnetic properties of the babingtonite first and to characterise the stibnite at low temperature. I shall give you a name check in any publications that may arise from these studies. Regards Kevin Dr K S K. ISIS Facility Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Chilton,Didcot,Oxon. OX11 0QX UK

Kevin S.K.,United Kingdom

added 26-th February 2006
Dear David, My specimens arrived in good shape. The azurite/malachite is spectacular! Thanks, Lynn H.

Lynn H.,California,USA

added 17-th February 2006
Thank you for the best wrapping/shipping I have ever seen. Also thank you for marking as minerals for research, this saved me from paying customs. Every thing is excellent. If you ever get a Botryoidal Tourmaline (Mashroom), send me an email. Thank you Edwin R.

Edwin R.,Canada

added 16-th December 2005
Dear David, i wish to thank u for the excellent timing and for the good packing u made....The specimen is wonderful,althought the repairing. I was sure about that. Now i'm going to clean better the faces of the quartz,as they are covered by a tiny coating. U know,each time i got a "new baby" for my colelction i wish to do my best to get it even better... The garnets are beautiful and gemmy,and some of them are really huge and gemmy... I'm really satysfied. So thank u very much,and hope to buy more from u,as u are a really professional dealer and kind person. Sincerely, Sarah

Sarah S.,Italy

added 10-th November 2005

thank you so much for your time and is hard to believe that I am doing business with some one so far away. The situation seems to be much more like that of the dealers that I deal with locally. Communication is always first rate and the parcels take no time to arive and that is really not to mention the wonderful, carefull, packaging that comes along with it. Thank you everyone for your time and effort again and especially david, thank you. many blessings ian

Ian W.,tecchild,USA

David is the greatest, caring person to deal with around the internet! He has great specimens at great prices. Above all, he delivers the products perfectly with great, consistent communication. I will be ordering from him as long as he's in business! :-) Guy Russo Desert Winds Gems & Minerals

Guy Russo

Hi David, My son LOVED the ruby I gave him for Christmas. Thanks so much. Also, I would be interested in a section or site of items for resale. I will be using some of the rocks I got from you in artistic designs and will then be selling those pieces of art. I love your site and look forward to seeing what you've got. Take care. Lisa


Hi David, The crystals/minerals all arrived safely today - fast shipping, I wasn't expecting them until next week. They're all wonderful. I think my two favorites are the chlorite included quartz points; the rutile in them is so fine that it's like angel hair. Through a loupe they're absolutely beautiful. Also, the little smoky with spessartine has an area of hyalite on the back side of the smoky - that makes it all the more special. All three are a great pocket size to carry as needed. Many Thanks & Many Blessings, Betty


Hi, David! Just a note to let you know that my order was waiting for me when I arrived home from Tucson at the end of last week! Thank you so much for such excellent service -- everything came through the shipping process in fine condition, and I am very pleased! It has been wonderful to do business with you, David, and I'm sure we'll work together again. Best regards, Jenny Rothkopf


Hi David, I have received your parcel. Everything is fine, the specimens are just as you described and I am pleased with them. I do not normally collect small sized or miniature peices, so these are a bit of a novelty - something different for me. The Dalnegorsk fluorite is a fine peice.but doesn't fluoresce,which is a bit disapointing. I inagine that there aren't many lorenzenite crystals around - it fluoresces a nice yellow. All of the others are fine, particularly the topaz,with tourmaline ,albite, that is a pretty little one. So all very good, thanks.

David B.

Dear David I've reached your parcel yesterday Friday 11 afternoon The tourmaline is wonderful! We'll meet on the Web on the next purchases Regards and best wishes for your gratifying and interesting work. Ciao. Gian Maria

Gian Maria

Hello, I'm receive yours stones ! It's marvelous ! Thank for all... Best regard Bruno V.


Dear Mr.David Kalat I received the item (Fluorapatite rock) today (Feb 23rd 05) Thanks Chirantha R.

Chirantha R.

Hi David: I'm happy to report that the specimen arrived today! That was very fast - only one week, compared to 3 weeks for my check. Thanks very much for all your time and effort in arranging the purchase. And please keep me in mind if you find other good Kazak minerals in the future. I'm adding a few colorful "lapidary" materials to my Kazakhstan suite, because they will look nice in an exhibit some day. One thing I would like to find is a nice piece of rich green prase (also known as chrysoprase). I've seen photos of good pieces from Kazakhstan, but they don't appear at our mineral shows here in New England. Woody T.

Woody T.

I just received the staurolite today which is the 25th of Feb. I,m very pleased with the specimen,and very happy with the service that you gave me. thanks lots. David V. S.

David V. S.

Dear David, The parcel has arrived this morning and I was astonished once more that it should come so quickly! Thank you very much. I am delighted with it yet again. Some of these pieces are really spectacular, even better than in the photos, and once again, your careful packing brought them all through without damage.

Mary J.

.....Oh and by the way YESSSSSS your package arrived Thursday or Friday and I felt like it was Christmas all over again! David you have such outstanding specimens I have to discipline myself not to look at your web site because I'll surely weaken and want to buy something. You keep sending those tempting notes......"just added another 30 specimens,"..."just added another 24 specimens," and so on . Thanks in advance and I'll look forward to your reply ...................Tom

Tom L.

Sir, first I am very pleased with the service that I was provided. Second, the minerals are of wonderful quality.

Ian W.

Fast shipping! Excellent service! Highly recommended!!!


beautiful stone. better than expected.

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